Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SL9B: A Break in the Madness

My Real Life has kept me out of SL9B so far today but I have a couple minutes so I checked e-mail and I found something very amusing:

Time Capsule Guru Will Webb has displayed several time capsules from previous birthday celebrations and arrayed some of the freebies from same around each container. Two of the displayed items are from Lesbos@SL5B and Lesbos@SL7B and I think one of them might have my visitor counter from one of those events because I've been getting e-mails like you see above. Either that or Will copied my counter script for the current time capsule but hasn't edited the e-mail part. One way or the other, I'm amused.

I've been very busy with so-called griefers, nudie people popping in, and generally helping to make things run smoothly that I've barely had time to shower let alone blog. But I follow journalist and raconteur Andy Ihnatko's 5-2-1 Rule of Cons for this event — 5 hours sleep a day, 2 real meals a day, and 1 shower a day. The latter is meant so that real life convention goers remain pleasant to other attendees, but I think it counts for me as I live with others, even if they don't follow the Rule.

If you haven't been to SL9B, now is a good time. Check out the blog first for hints for good places to go, the official Flickr feed, my Profile Snaps Feed, or just head to Lesbos@SL9B (SLurl). Below is some video from the opening ceremonies (look or the cute Tiny kangaroo .. dats meee!)

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