Friday, June 22, 2012

SL9B: Starter House 2003

It was inevitable that some parcels at SL9B would be left empty. Either a builder never showed or they pulled out at the last minute or they were booted out for some violation (none of the latter that I've seen), but we've had some talented staffers and some guest artists step up at a moment's notice to fill in the empty spot. And then there's me.

I was given a shot at filling one, too, for some reason, despite having an exhibit for Lesbos (SLurl) and other staffers being fabulous builders. Since it is a birthday party for SL and I've had this recent obsession with retro housing (see here) I decided to put up the Starter House from 2003 (SLurl).

The entrance. Grab a free copy of the house then touch the sign for info.

Another view shows the flamingo and the landscaping. All items in this build are from the Library folders in your inventory save for the exhibit-specific signs and the gifts.

In the back yard are more free retro houses.

Freebies inside the house and some parrots that are scripted to "speak" on touch. They explain about the exhibit and about things like the glaring Alpha Texture Bug that is prevalent throughout the build.

This early Linden bed hinted at the future ... Residents would either need sleep after being in-world for long periods or someone would be looking for sex.

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