Thursday, June 28, 2012

SL9B: The Wrap-Up

With the Second Life Birthday regions closed to the public, the builders and staff get to play a bit as they clean up so the sims can be returned before billing rolls over for another month (many thanks to all the sponsors for ponying up the bucks so the community could play). A few builders started before the close and many simply de-rezzed their builds, but some of the hard core went with tradition and blew up their builds and/or leaving a thank you sign.

As of this writing I've withheld blowing up Lesbos@SL9B, partly because it is a memorial and partly because of some news today that will go public soon. But I did make a thank you note for when the build is removed.
I'll move the sign into place when the Memorial is gone.
But I did have a blast (pardon the pun) blowing up my 2003 Starter House exhibit. A few times during the day I did practice demolition with a copy. Like most I simply raised the whole build, unlinked everything, set the bits to physical, and closed the Edit pane. Everything dropped like a stone with a half-dozen people standing on the roof and spread it's prims across the sim. Yes, I cleaned it up.

Mariann McCann in the Bay City chopper watches the destruction.

Debris lands everywhere, but the windows held up amazingly well.

Another angle because can you really get enough of senseless prim violence?

Birdseye view just because.
Pygar Bu dropped a giant foot on his build (see a pic here).

Marianne McCann used a wrecking ball and explosives on her Bay City exhibit (see a pic here) and then left a nice "Thankoo!" note in prims to everyone. And Toady Nakamura had one more Temple Burn, raising the flaming structure quite high then dropping the timbers on all of us.

A fitting end. Now if I could get Mari to fly me to Disney World ...
My thanks to all the visitors, exhibitors, staff, and sponsors of SL9B, the BEST Second Life Birthday ever, bar-none, period. Time to Riverdance!!

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