Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cool Beans Gacha Yard Sale

One of the people I admire a lot in Second Life is Sean Brady, entrepreneur extraordinaire. He's the owner of many properties, including the Cool Beans Cafe that I frequent (SLurl) and the newly rebuilt Cool Beans Gacha Yard Sale (SLurl) included. Sean always seems to have fun with whatever he does, but it is clear that he especially enjoys landscaping and coordinating the best pre-fabs in SL to make his properties some of the best builds I've seen. As an example, check out the new "Yard Sale" ...

That's Sean behind me, pacing. One of the few times in recent memory I've seen him in human form. He loves to play with Furry avatars and the cute ones he gets from Gachas.
Whoa .... this isn't your mother's yard sale! This is a lovely little shopping district with several rentals available so you can unload re-sell your spare Gacha goods. Of course, some great vendors are here already and it is not unusual to find items at less-than-retail price. Sean's place is my first stop for shopping when I need a gift or to find a Gacha item I want but don't feel lucky enough to win.

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