Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy HallowMEME!

Strawberry Singh's weekly blog meme challenge is about Halloween. Talk about timing! According her instructions, those taking up the challenge can either post a Second Life Halloween costume, answer some questions, or both. So here's the picture:

I shot this as part of a series in hopes to be included as part of the Halloween issue of a well-known in-world magazine. No word if that has happened yet, but I feel safe in using it here as the submitted copy is cropped for the magazine's format and this one has some additional tweaking for color, &c.

About those questions ...

Except for Second Life I really don't get into Halloween. I'm not supposed to have the candy and personal history makes me really not care for horror anything so I had trouble with the questions (see them here). Typically, I did trick-or-treat but only until I was nine so I don't remember much. Silly costume parades at school. Sure, you can celebrate Halloween in public school but not Christmas. My last costume was a werewolf. Once many years ago I caught part of a movie with some character named Pinhead and that one scene gives me nightmares to this day, but only because it is so reminiscent of the parts of my personal history that I mentioned. I haven't created a haunted attraction in Second Life this year ... the first I've skipped in several years, but I have visited a few other attractions that were much better than anything I could have created anyway and I have a few more to see. Real Life? I'm hoping get at least some candy and I'll probably watch TV or sit in Second Life.

Sorry to be so dull. But I hope you have a great holiday!