Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Meme: Your Avatar's Private Life

Yes, I skipped Strawberry Singh's last Monday Meme (original here). It sounded simple but I just don't care all that much for Autumn and there are so many people taking wonderful pictures of beautiful places in Second Life (often the same places, from what I see on Honour McMillan posted one just today on her blog (here). Today's challenge seemed simple, too.

Meme Instructions: I’m giving you two options to choose from this week. I will be doing both of them but you guys can pick and choose, unless you’d like to do both as well.
1. Meme Suggested by Mr. Jefferson: “What does your avatar get up to after you log out?”
2. Blog about one of your closest friends in Second Life.

Not too long ago I had a long discussion with a few friends and acquaintances on the topic of our avatar's lives when we weren't looking. We all had some fun ideas but I couldn't really nail anything down, though I did have some funny stories about a time long ago when for about a month my brother and I would log in as each other and leave the avatars in odd (sometimes compromising) places. Sometimes when the viewer doesn't show a Last.BMP image of my log out I take those few seconds of blank screenage imagining what my avatar has been up to while I was stuck in Meatspace.

More often than not I hope as I log in to find her snug in some jammies and enjoying her iPad, something I don't get to do as often as I'd like in Real Life. Maybe with a tall, cold Mt Dew and some cookies. And a cat on her lap. *sigh*

Maybe sitting with her big sister.

Yes, Uccie has a sister in Second Life. I met her under the name Threshin about 7 years ago and since then she's changed "main" characters a few times, though the other accounts are not gone. Sometimes change is good. But regardless of her form or name, she's always the same kind, loving, witty, and caring person on the other side of the screen. Like me, she's had some rough times in Real Life that we wouldn't wish on anyone short of the very worst of our enemies, but she's pulled through and uses SL as a way to catch up on some things she's not able to do iRL. There are people I know that unless we meet in SL we don't chat, but my sister is someone I talk to almost every day despite hardly ever seeing each other in the pixels. Everyone needs a sister like mine.

This is a very old picture of me and my big sister at the Isle of Lesbos at one of those little builds that popped up just about every week because she was bored or frustrated or bored and frustrated. Sometimes change is good, but she'd drive me nuts changing things out of boredom and thus creating a lot of frustration. However, I love her such that if I were to win the lottery she'd probably be the first person I'd send a big check to. Really.

So there's the two parts of the meme. Now I'm off to avoid Autumn. If I look across the street from my house I can see Spring-green leaves everywhere, probably the last green trees in Maine. It seems the trees in our yard change before everyone else's just to spite me.


Strawberry Singh said...

I love how you combined both parts of the meme today. Thank you!

Uccello Poultry said...

Thank you, Strawberry!!