Monday, October 14, 2013

The Google Meme, Courtesy of Strawberry Singh

Having thought several times about blogging in the past week I've thought more often about avoiding it and thus a lackadaisical and slothful attitude prevailed. That changes today, though, as Strawberry Singh has another of her weekly blog challenge series with a twist by Emily: The Google Meme.

Meme instructions: Google your SL name and answer the following questions. Don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to your post so we can all drop by, read and be nosy. Optional: click over to Emily’s blog and do her Google challenge as well. Don’t forget to leave a comment in her post if you end up doing it, so she can come stalk you guys too!

Google your Second Life name in “quotations” and share your results.
What is the first link that comes up?
Which link were you surprised to see?
In 0.37 seconds, our friends at Google turned up about 99,300 entries for "Uccello Poultry." More show up if one doesn't use the quotation marks. The first link that turns up is my blog, not unexpected as it is likely the one source on the Interwebs that contains my name most often and it is hosted on a Google-owned property, Blogspot. The Slow Poke Post entry was a surprise I can't say I've ever seen that site before, though I guess I did subscribe to this syndication service at one time.

Click on the “Image” tab and tell us where the first 5 pictures listed are from.
Each of the first five pictures (and quite a few thereafter though not all) are from my blog. Some will also be found on my Flickr feed. Google probably favors my blog images as they are the storage site for same.

Click on the “more” tab and then click “news” and share your results
No news is good news because there are no News search results, I suppose, so I thought I'd share my Patent results instead. Similar results for Books, but I do appear under Discussions and if you search for my name without quotation marks I'm mappable!

Not precisely, though. That's not me. Uccello is a reasonably popular name. It means bird in Italian and that's why I chose it to go with Poultry in SL (I tried to get Columbo, my brother's last name iSL, but couldn't).

Searching via that twist mentioned earlier is another matter ... Can I find the real Caitlin?

How did the two digital footprints compare, and did that surprise you? I searched with my full name and just my first/last name with the same results ... I'm Interwebbily Invisible. Normally I show up once, on a NASA page that lists names engraved on a teeny plaque attached to a planetary probe, but with the US government shutdown in effect, that page is not available.

Does anyone interesting share your name? No, however, when I search with my first, middle (my birth mother's maiden name), and surname several pictures of Sarah Palin pop up amongst some seemingly random dross. Since I know my middle name I can understand why, but I'm still creeped out and you are more than welcome to be creeped out, too.

Are you happy with the size of your digital footprint, or do you wish either one was larger/smaller? Being invisible to the world. Pretty darned cool. My name does show up in some pretty specialized and not-really-public databases so you might get to them eventually, but more than likely you'd need some skills to find me. Since I have a gun permit, though, I'm rather shocked that I don't see me on the Interwebs for it. Isn't that stuff public knowledge?

If you woke up/ logged in one morning to discover over night you had suddenly gained rock-star status, and everybody knew who you were and wanted to know what you were doing… what would you do? Panic. Or try to figure out why I'm still broke. Maybe both at the same time. Eventually I'd have to sit down and wonder what I did for said status. The only musical instrument I can play is an iPod, I can't act my way out of a paper bag, and I don't think rock star status is conferred upon people for being expert with a pistol unless they go rouge in a bell tower or something. And I'm pretty sure that the Real Life me doesn't hold any patents, either.


Strawberry Singh said...

I never thought to ask people to see if they were mappable! LOL That's just hilarious.

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Strawberry!