Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lasers at Minna

Minna could be the center of Second Life universe for it is from this place that all creativity seems to flow. I visit often and there is always something going on, not just because of the near by sandboxes and the Ivory Tower of Primitives, but in large part of the whirlwind of activity comes from Ansi Soderstrom, Kennylex Luckless, and Hexapoda Resident. Today I mucked about taking pictures but I'm going to give just one SLurl because I want you to land once and wander much. Then go check the Profile feeds for each of these creators to see more of the madness and some of the best photos in all of Second Life.

Ansi's latest project is a set of lasers for dance clubs. Oddly, they weren't up when I visited today, but yesterday she gave me a prototype before releasing the final today (Marketplace). But you can drop by and (for now) see a huge build "where it all started."

Tons of stuff that this crew makes is free, however, like these "materials test" items inside the building. The real effect is seen if you enable Advanced Lighting in your Graphics Preferences.

Turn around from the Materials area and there are a ton more freebies, but please leave a donation so Ansi, Kenny, and Hexa can cover tier costs. The donation gets you another freebie that changes regularly, so give often.

Everything in "Ansi-Wood" is unique including the Castle of Wood-A-Lot (AKA The Dictator's Tower) so look everywhere. Watermelons bounce out from nowhere, little bears hide in corners, and you might even find a secret storage locker filled with cotton swabs, the envy of LDPW Moles everywhere.

And here is the real Heart of Minna, mostly as it is dead center in the region, but there be magicks here, too.

The overall complex but one shot doesn't do it justice at all. Explore. Explore. Explore.

And if you see Ansi, Kenny, or Hexa and they take a shining to you, don't be surprised if they give you a gift, all proud of their latest efforts. Kenny is doing a lot of 3D modeling with materials lately and this pirate is his newest piece. I was just standing around writing this blog when he gave me a copy. Thanks, Kenny! You rock!

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