Sunday, February 9, 2014

All Good Things ... Zyx

Pixies are blue, you know.

No, they aren't really. Depending on the legends you follow, they could be, but generally pixies most people know are of a human shade. My pixies in Second Life, Zyx Flux and Zyx (Resident), are blue because Portia Sin had a great going out of business sale for almost two whole years so I bought almost all her fantasy skins for me, Zyx Flux when she was born, and then her big sister later when I grabbed the name to hold it (read "It's Zyxalutionary"). That's been about five years so I started looking to upgrade skins on the Zyxs so they could have nice mesh feet and hands.

Good luck. Not happening. Can't find a fantasy skin that I like as much as the blue SinSkins. But what about human skins?

No changes to any of her face settings for these pictures, but the skin really affects her character. I like it, mind you, but she no longer has her childlike countenance. Admittedly, this "Anais" option is pretty "adult" even for The Skinnery's regular photorealistic bent (SLurl). Actually, all of the skins from this creator show that almost gritty, flawed look that many other makers eschew. That's why I bought "Sasha" skins for my main character, Uccie.

I wonder about losing the magic, though. Zyx has tried blue (and green) skins from Gauze, the Sugar Garden, Alchemy, and more but nothing seemed right. The human shades are just as different though somehow more palatable than the gaudy choices that didn't fit at all. If I do change, I'll still have Zyx's blue skins (as will her bigger sister and me, too), but maybe it's time for my child avatar to grow up just a little bit.

Got an opinion? Toss in a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

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