Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Isla Okiddo

"After six months of analyzing, building and rebuilding I'm proud to present you something different," begins a note card and early access invitation from Liara "Kemicq" Okiddo to explain all the teasing she's done on the My SL feeds about her unique art project at Isla Okiddo (SLurl). A few months ago she had a sneak peek, of sorts, at a mini-build called the Scotland Airport. There I signed a guest book and won early access to the big build. About a week ago, after promising to not reveal details, I hung out on the island for a couple days snapping pictures using the default Windlight settings (with only very minor tweaks).

The arrival dock ... A warm, inviting space with a hint or two about what awaits visitors.
At a fork in the path, if you head left you'll go to the amazing art exhibition. If you head right there's a beach and a jungle past the amazing dome house
This is the bridge to the art and a great view of what is likely the most lush jungle in all Second Life. I could almost feel the humidity and hear the buzz of insects as I walked around.
I could live in this house ... and may have to annex this one as I'll probably never have enough land to compliment one of my own as well as Liara has with her very skillful landscaping.
Gong past the house you'll come upon a peaceful beach. So peaceful, in fact, I almost fell asleep here one afternoon.
A perfect balance of water, sand, rocks, and vegetation. I just can't praise the landscaping enough. How many times can I use the word lush?
Stop and listen ... look ... fully immerse yourself as you explore.
The landscape is truly magical ...
... the path to the exhibition space adds to the magic ...
... and the exhibition space is magic incarnate.
Everywhere you look you will encounter something unique and absorbing.
Every angle is a visual feast.
Just when you think you've overloaded, the intensity builds in the final chamber. Fortunately, the space embraces you with a soft balance that encourages you to explore.
Too many semesters of art classes in High School, endless trips over the years to galleries in cities large and towns small, and an embarrassingly tall stack of artsy coffee table books really didn't prepare me for the experience of Isla Okiddo. Whether you are a nature lover, an art connoisseur. or someone who appreciates a unique experience, I highly encourage you to visit (SLurl). If you have pictures of your visit that you'd like to share, please post the info in the comments.

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