Sunday, February 16, 2014

Road Trip: Spring on Livingtree

Spring is far away from being sprung where I live, but my polymorphic pixy friend Zyx Flux is hard on the trail of it in Second Life. My email box was brimming with spam this morning but a stand-out piece from Zyx ... erm ... stood out so here's a road trip report from Livingtree (SLurl), home to shops owned by Robin (Sojourner) Wood, Marianne McCann, and Pygar Bu. You'll also find Robin's excellent texture tutorials and, as Zyx shows in her pictures, some wonderful scenery. Here's her report:

Pixies often hibernate during the cold months and this past season was no exception for me. Waking a few times to use the bathroom or sneak some cookies, I slept like a rock. When the first scents of Spring came to me, though, I was up like a rocket (rock - rocket ... get it?) and off to tend the newborn flowers.

mmmm Newborn flowers, fragrant moss, and fresh lichens. Little else stirs the blood of a pixy so the woods of Livingtree were a pure joy. I dusted the flowers for pests and was rewarded with some delicious pollen from my grateful little friends.
Even the hills were in magical colors. Extra tasty nectar in these blooms Be sure to get some before the season wears on! Plenty of picnic space and a cool lighthouse to explore.
There be magic inside the hills, too, Mateys! I found some pirate treasure and more inside the caves. Bring some scuba gear, too, but that's the only hint I'm giving you.
After a morning of helping the new little flowers, tending to hardy evergreens, and coaxing the fruits of the deciduous trees, I found a warm basking spot with ocean breezes and a comfy chair.
Livingtree is a beautiful place to explore with many cozy spots that I didn't write about so when you visit, be sure to look around everywhere. You'll never know what you'll find. You might even find me!

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