Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's in My Closet? Too Many Freebies

Using Strawberry's Simple Photo Studio
Checking out Strawberry Singh's new, free simple photo studio (see here) while chatting with a friend about what she might write about if she were to start blogging I commented "Whenever I'm stuck for an idea I do a 'What's in My Closet?' post. Yes, I'm that lazy. So I took a quick peek and I have about a half-dozen un-opened freebies laying about so here's the first one: A ModaMia Sayings Tops "I am Fucking Awsome" set with a crop-top T-shirt (with primplants appliers), a mesh skirt in five "standard" sizes, some strange sleeves (not pictured) and a set of two bangles (also not pictured). The shop is on Sensible Island (SLurl).

No, for several reasons I'm not keeping this one. I'm getting more serious about deleting clothes at an alarming rate except for about three of anything – three jeans, three slacks, three t-shirts, three .... you get the idea. Same for body parts. Finally pack away skins I haven't worn, delete more hair styles (hundreds were tossed recently, though back-ups are in storage), eyes, etc.

In Real Life I have four pair of Crocs, a pair of winter boots, three pair of sandals, two pair of jeans, two pair of shorts .... again, you get the idea. Oh, and one dress with nice shoes because funerals happen. My Second Life should be that complicated.


Strawberry Singh said...

Thank you for mentioning my studio. <3 I need to be more like you and just start deleting, my inventory is getting so insane!

Uccello Poultry said...

My pleasure, Strawberry. It should be part of the standard Inventory we all get from The Lab.