Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky"

Finding "The Land Inbetween: showing Kill All Artist by .danone." (SLurl) was something of an accident. I had a landmark for the Mars sim in the Rezzable chain but like all good things, it passed. A world of colour and light was replaced with by yet another bleak and dark post-Apocolyptic landscape. Being in Rezzable, though, means it is top notch. I haven't explored it much yet as the style is not to my taste, but after crawling out of a crypt I found a wonderful sight and decided it would make a great tableau for messing with the Advanced Sky Editor option inside the Environment Editor. The time of day was not adjusted and I was facing due south at the time.

There is no "unadulterated" shot here, but in order of appearance the pre-sets I used are: Incongruent Truth, Night, Sailor's Delight, Sheer Surrealty, Blue Midday, Desert Sunset, Fine Day, Funky Funky Funky (not Funky Funky), and Gelato.

The sim creator doesn't seem to have forced any specific atmosphere or time setting though it seems to be near midnight most times I have visited. The regular view is pretty impressive bit if any of these views had been forced by the creator I would likely have been even more impressed. The feeling in each is just something else. Try them with your land sometime or a favorite scenic spot and I think you will be rather pleased. And try this link to learn more the presets I used.

Many thanks to Torley Linden for inspiring me to play with this feature.

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