Monday, May 26, 2008

A Rare Angry Blog Reply

It is very rare that I get angry when replying to posts on the official Second Life™ blog. But a thought struck me this morning and I went for it (see pic above) and put in a few cents worth about a serious bug in-world on the test server post.

The JIRA report I cite as well as others (like this one) have all been closed without a resolution. Linden Labs® gives us this fabulous "Windlight" water to play in then breaks the tools we use to enjoy it. I crafted a lovely pond and delightful ocean reef on land that I pay money to use and except for looking at them, these areas are more or less useless thanks to the physics bugs.

Update: [Four hours] My Follow-Up Post later in the day.

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Ari Blackthorne™ (Patent Pending) said...

With all serious respect, I can understand your fury in the breaking of the swimmer and such.

However, the Havok 4 news was not new. It had been talked about for 6-months before it was rolled-out to the main grid. It was on the beta (preview) grid for months before roll-out. And it was even on selected sims on the main agni grid for about two months before it was rolled-out to the whole grid.

Though I do sympathize and see your frustration, I respectfully suggest that your anger is directed at the wrong people.

The broken swimming script you are speaking about was known to have been broken for at least two months before roll-out and many had attempted to contact the creator.

I don't use that product, so I never followed the scenario closely - don't know the outcome of all that. If the creator is refusing to rewrite and update their script as a matter of principal, is that fair to their customers?

If that's the case, then you are being used as a pawn. Otherwise, it would appear the creator is out-of-world (unable to contact) - in which case, what does that say for the future of their products?

I am only posing questions - no accusations, here.

But with all the warnings and all creators being implored to test their products... for months... Where was this creator in all that time? And with it well-known that this product is broken in Havok 4?

I believe in this case, the problem is with the creator. Not the grid. Your anger should be directed at them.

Most others who have products based on physical properties (vehicles, other swimming AOs and the like) have all updated their stuff and it all works great.

So, I would recommend you vote with your wallet. Demand the creator update their product or shop for a competing product - they do exist and they do work.

Again, I sympathize and I present my comments respectfully. But that's the way I see it.