Friday, May 16, 2008

Peugeot in Progress

Today's exploration was another landmark I had been sitting on for a while and decided that I really had to go or just delete the @#$%ing thing. Can you guess where I went?

Good guess! I went to Peugeot (SLurl)! If the subtly hidden landscape logo didn't clue you in, the not-so subtle brand name islands will reveal all. The landscaping is rather nicely done and there is a strange pattern in the water that doesn't seem to be on the ground texture. It almost mimics the flying roadscape above. No flora or fauna in the water so swim or scuba just for the exercise.

One of the teleport options at the entrance takes you to an airborne promotional area. Information about a contest that has ended can be found here plus some lounge areas. This is a rather fun build and interestingly you can't fly into the domes. Unlike similar structures in the Second Life™ world, these are not phantom.

Nearer ground level is another area to lounge on the roof of a meeting center. Like many corporate builds it is likely designed for press conferences and employee education. One of the nicer features, is a display about concept cars from Peugeot.

But what is a car sim with out cars? For some L$400 you can purchase a sporty little beast and speed off along a scenic motorway. If that is not in your budget you can spend just L$50 on a BMX-style bicycle

Not wanting to spend the cash nor being able to rez my own vehicle, I jumped on my wonderful travel snail and slimed up the motorway. The engineering, as you can see in the following picture or the first one in this post. is clearly not possible in real life though I suspect the builder might be working on this. Along the way I found many untextured prims and unfinished projects, like un-anchored railings.

But, hey!, I'm not one to complain about reality. After all, I was riding a snail with all my lion fur and bits fluffed in the simulated wind. That also means that the thought "hmm ... internal combustion engines shouldn't work underwater" only fleetingly crossed my mind as I urged my snail down the slope and into the the water, into the mineshaft that the road itself went into.

While not thinking about breathing underwater I came across a nice "picture window" that kept me separated from the only water-borne life I could find outside the aquarium on the roof of the meeting center. If you look closely you will note the edge of the "glass" behind me in the following picture shows that some more building needs to be done.

If you bought the BMX-style bike and want to ride it in the Peugeot sim you can teleport over 250 meters up to what I call a skate park. Had I been paying more attention I would have noted what the builder called it though that is no promise I would have remembered it. Like much of the build this is very nice and setting the whole thing on a giant bicycle wheel was just darned clever.

This is a fun sim to visit and I hope they finish it. As the aforementioned contest has ended I suspect that more work is not planned. So quickly grab your skates or wearable bike or wearable automobile and head for Peugeot. Well worth a visit.

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