Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks, Twilight!

An hour or so before this picture was taken I had logged out of the Second Life™ viewer for some regular First Life© activities. What I hadn't noticed is that the process crashed in the last seconds, much like some 60% of my sessions with SL™. In the interim the sim I had been in crashed thus locking my avatar in a semi-permanent logged-in state. So returning I was told the system was logging me out and that I should try back at the usual five minutes. It told me that every five minutes for several attempts.

In the meantime I signed in with an alt and tried to find "my" body so I could kick it or something, but "I" could not be found. Fortunately my wife doesn't mind snuggling with my alt and I was able to cuddle while working with the very patient and helpful Twilight Linden. She soon had "me" logged back in quick enough I was able to catch my wife with "the other woman" and chase away the interloper.

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