Friday, May 9, 2008

Yes, I Love to Build

You may have noticed that I love to build things. I may not have a need for them or intend to sell them, but it doesn't matter. Sometime on Thursday I saw a program about resorts and one had an Infinity Pool. After watching the show and doing some Web research, I still didn't have a full grasp as to why it had that name, but I was impressed how the pool was at sea level. It seemed that one could be in the pool and, if angled correctly, see the pool blend into the ocean. So I had to build one. Here is what I made:

I'm toying with how deeply the structure should sit in the water. At this height there is a thin slice above sea level. Another option is to keep it just slightly below sea level. Probably doesn't matter. I don't see this being used anywhere. But it was fun to build and tweak. I'm already thinking about a dance platform, working in some trees for shade, or other enhancements. The idea of putting my round tiki bar in the middle so folks could wade up to it was just a flash inspiration.

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