Thursday, October 2, 2008

BIG Teddycello

Many Linden Lab© employees with a presence in the Second Life™ (SL) world give away teddy bears that they have made. I have a few and sometime last year I made a teddy to give away in much the same fashion. Since that first bear I've made several to give away at the Isle of Lesbos or for other reasons, but I've never been quite happy with that first bear.

Sure, it had a nice hug animation, but it was really a rather basic effort that more or less duplicated a Linden bear design and not too fancy. So yesterday I got working on a new one that would better reflect me and here it is. Well, this is a giant version over 20m tall. The one I'll give away is about one meter tall. But both reflect what I love to do in SL: Build. This one is working on a slightly tortured prim with my state of Maine vehicle license plate "name" texture.

At 173 prims I don't see too many folks rezzing it for extended display, but this one is me. She is even wearing what I often wear (dang! I should have changed for this pic!).

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