Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Avatar: MummiFur from Lost Furrest

Look at what I picked up at Rocket City Fur Meet! This avie soooo rocks! The detailing and textures are superior making this one of the best produced avatars I've seen. Full copy/mod, too, so the user can add thier own creative touches. For example, I changed the eye color and added 'glow' to it as a start. I'm thinking of giving it some faux Ancient Egyptian jewelry, like a pharonic cat.

Actually, my first mod was to remove the BlaBlaBla animation and voice script from the lower jaw. With those in place the avie stopped "typing" during chat and instead waved about drunkenly the way those that have Voice gestures (Web) activated move.

There is no Animation Override (AO) but if I let my sub collar replace part of the neck wrappings I can activate the Zombie AO so that I can stumble around, arms stretched forward like the zombies you see in cartoons.

Of course, Lost Furest always has nice stuff. The Lost Crypt collection my Mummifur avie came from looks very impressive. Click this picture for a closer look or just visit the store (SLurl).

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