Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bloodlines & Me

My reply to a New World Notes post (Web) about the Bloodlines role play phenomenon in Second Life®:
Bloodlines has me conflicted. I feel it is impolite to not ask permission before animating anyone for anything other than a hug, but that goes against the role play required for the Bloodlines game. A 'surprise' invite to be bitten is annoying, but you don't see vampires in fiction asking politely.

Just by wearing neko bits, or a tiny avatar, or some other-than-human elements I am inviting others to participate in my personal role play. "Hey, look! I'm a parrot! Now I'm a gleaming dragon!" So who am I to demand that others stop their role play?

What we all need to rely on is common sense. Visiting a business to bite people because it is a popular place is as un-cool as me showing up at an in-world church as a topless belly dancer. Common sense tells me don't do it. Do the undead have such conscience?
Maybe this Peanuts® cartoon sums it all up:

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