Thursday, October 16, 2008

Prim Doodles

On May 9th of this year I posted this picture with some commentary (Web) about the build and some of my philosophy of building in Second Life®. I have come to think of this building without a clear purpose to be Prim Doodling (hmmm let's copyright that). Much like one might sketch aimlessly on paper (or a desktop ... remember your school days?) I tend to do the same thing with prims, the materials that comprise in-world objects. Prims are my ink and paper.

This one finally became useful, though. While a a friend was doing some remodeling at the Isle of Lesbos beach I whistfully placed my pool at the edge and she decided it looked right there. Just a little tweaking of the land and of the build itself and it became (IMHO) a nice part of the land.

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