Sunday, October 5, 2008


One of my latest projects: A Maze. I used Apotheus Silverman's Maze Generator (Web) to create a template then built the final product over a 40x40x0.5 mega-prim, added entrance and exit cupolas, and a mega-prim roof.

I would have modified the automatically generated maze but it seemed to have a 'die' script in each prim so any part taken into inventory and then rezzed later disappears. It would have been easy to edit the script out, I guess, but I didn't bother as I wanted to make the walls thinner and higher. Laying out my own prims over the 'template' also allowed me to make changes. As the textures are all gloss-black with a 'lava' textured floor and ceiling, the original maze was a bit too hard ... especially as I placed it in the cloud layer. Extra paths help make the going easier.

Prim.Docker (Web) was handy in setting up the final product. Next time I might try adding the alignment script to the prim used by the generator so creating from the original would be easier. Then I could make some mazes to sell. There are a few for hundreds of Lindens on XStreetSL but I think that might be a bit over priced considering how easy mazes are to make. It is the customizing that should make the difference.

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