Wednesday, October 15, 2008

n00b Man

Many residents are familiar with the "n00b man" avatar that proliferated in Second Life ® prior to the introduction of new avatar choices at sign up (Web) and the "cloud" avie for residents that haven't all all their appearance data moved with them (Web). Recently an excellent rendition in prims of this icon has been popping up all over the grid (including the offices of several Linden employees in Longfellow, like Prospero's land (SLurl). I was sad to learn, however, that the full-permissions copy I have is "stolen" (Web).

I have seen "him" made into a target for push weapons, a giant statue, ammunition for a different push weapon, a lollipop, and at least a half-dozen other things. In this picture he is an attachment with hover text stating "Lookin' for SEX with a Lesbian" over his head. Now he follows me on patrol at the Isle of Lesbos. He's a sad reminder of many men I have met in this virtual world that still display real world insensitivity. Maybe the medium makes it easy. Just as easy at it clouds the minds of some to intellectual property rights.

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