Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gryphon Lair Armory

According to the Item Profile, I got my beloved (GL) Norse Sword and Shield (v1.7 shield & v2.0 sword) set by punchinello Philbin on September 30, 2008 (at 10:17pm, though that isn't really important, but it makes for nice filler). According to my brother, he got the same Gryphon Lair set (v4.1 sword) last week after having long admiring mine and finally deciding to try his hand at role play. The scabbard belt comes in black and in brown to suit different outfits then three sizes each plus two versions with no belt, one with a hanging chain and one without, to suit various avie sizes and clothing choices. That's eight variations when most sword makers give two scabbard options, at best. There are three sizes of shields, too, and a really gorgeous 40-prim packing box that I've saved for display. The newest iteration also includes a purple shield option in various sizes that nicely fits the black scabbard options. I don't do much fighting, actually, but it is set up for DCS2, CCS, HONOR, SZ, BZ, OSIRIS, GM (3.3 and RLV 3.3) Compatible Versions if I do.

Enough with the details. Here is why the weapon is beloved and why I encouraged my brother to get a set, too: I can't believe how beautiful it is. When I bought mine (that pic to the left is me on Day One with the goods) there was nothing this good looking available. Period. With other swordsmiths arriving in-world or improving their wares, the Gryphon Lair set more than holds its own in all respects. The animations are impressive in quality and quantity (32 total, including AO anims) and well suited to my smaller avie or larger avies. The highly detailed parts show great care and high craftsmanship with the sword alone weighing in at 55 prims. A compliment of sounds for each of the animations doesn't lag behind the motion so the scripting must be very efficient. All this adds up to making a very pleasant slashing and stabbing experience. My only regret is that the prims are No Mod so the fit on my smaller-than-most-males-because-I'm-female frame is a bit odd, but I'm used to that and if anyone objects I can change their focus with any of 20 different attack variations.

You can get Norse sword set (or any of the other cool weapons) at the Gryphon Lair main store (SLurl) or visit the store in Winterfell Gryphondale location (SLurl), where you can see Punchinello's wonderful pre-fab medieval castle (where I took the pic for this post) and his other themed buildings, too.

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