Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop Reading This

Stop reading this and head on over to Honour McMillan's blog now for her post about an SL Text-to-Speech device from Ferd Frederix.

What? Back already? Or you didn't go? Well, I'll summarize, but go there sometime to read about the gadget that could help all us mute (unable to speak) folks in SL.

Basically, if I wear a HUD and give out a special Website URL to those around me in-world, what I type is spoken on the Website so others "hear me" participating in the conversation. No more getting ignored in groups as Voice users gradually ignore chat as time goes on. Maybe. I haven't tried it in a group yet. I noticed that the system reads what objects say, too, like the tour boat on Phaze, the sim where I got the device (SLurl). There is a version for Viewer 2 users that requires in-world Shared Media, too. In fact, if you are a user of v2, wander about the sim to explore ... lots of Shared Media treats. The place is a blast to explore and the shop has tons of unique freebies, including vehicles, pets, gadgets, and more. I've been here for an hour now and stopped exploring only to write this post.

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