Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tiny Zyx Flux

When I first made my pixy alt, Zyx Flux, I hadn't had in mind that she should be only a few inches tall, but reading more about the pixies in the Kim Harrison "witch" novels (Web) made me wish I could shrink my new friend to be a fraction of her already small size. Thanks to a recent purchase, now I can ... and did! I bought a "real pixy avatar" from Realm of the Fae (SLurl) yesterday (and a NotSoBigAVs gadget from Big AVs (SLurl) to make it work) and here she is among the mushrooms in Enchanted (SLurl) ... tiny! Her pixy animation override from KAMI-HITOE (SLurl) still works, all the dances I've tried look good, and I was able to mod the bits to make Tiny Zyx look like Regular Zyx. Well, I'm still working on that. The tint isn't quite right, but once I can break down the skin bases I have with Photoshop I can tint away and have a better match.

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