Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a Difference a Skin Makes

SinSkins (SLurl) has some high-quality, dirt-cheap fantasy skins and I own almost all of them. In fact, the bluish drow ones are the everyday skins my pixy alts wear. But the other day I won a really nice fantasy skin (and shape and ears) from Acid & Mala (SLurl) and blogged it for the Lucky Kitty Crew here but thought "I really need to blog comparison shots." Its amazing what a difference a skin makes. Good example: When I bought my Curio skins I found that I had to reshape my nose and cheeks to bring my look back to what it was with the previous skins I wore. The change between the SinSkins and the A&M skin is just as dramatic. Take a look:

SinSkins Drow Tone 2: 01

A&M Fantasia - Blue

The latter skin is much softer, making Zyx Flux look younger and brighter. It's the difference in the shadowing more than the tone. I think the slight smile she has with the SinSkins skin is more accentuated with the A&M skin and the nose is much rounder. I like the look. I'm be tempted to save up to buy the complete set for this avie, but not for her "older sibling," Zyx Resident. The latter benefits from the more mature look despite all the similarities between the avies. "Young Zyx" is supposed to be cute and cuddly.

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Uccello Poultry said...

I visited SinSkins a couple days after this post and all the budget skins are gone.