Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Real Life as Virtual World

The latest addition to 360 Cities (Web), a community of artists that capture 360-degree views of Real Life locations, is the Strahov Library (Web).

You can let the software take you on a tour of the room, visit highlights, or you can manually pan, zoom, and tilt to see the whole room on your own. Over 3,000 ultra-high resolution still images were stitched together to create this over 4000 megapixels panorama. My screencap does not do the actual work justice. Nor am I eloquent enough to describe the richness, clarity, and impact of "walking" around this room. Of course, it is as impressive as any of the site's imagery (click the "Explore Other Places" tab at the bottom when you visit for a quick look at others you can explore) and well worth taking at least a few minutes of your time to visit. But if you are like me, you'll spend much more time in this "virtual" reality.

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