Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burn2: Ranger Pup

Every Ranger at Burn2 is encouraged to adopt a unique look so they stand out, are memorable, and promote the idea that "everyone is invited to play," an important part of the Ten Principles of Burning Man philosophy. I tried a number of looks including a baby T-Rex dinosaur, various furries, and numerous iterations of my human form, including a rainbow tutu (for Tutu Tuesday, of course). I wanted to look like I was out in the desert and to keep the Ranger hat (it's one of our not-so-secret devices) but I just wasn't satisfied with any of my looks, particularly the human ones. I kept gravitating to anything that showed my cleavage and lots of khaki.

Then I looked through the Linden avatars when I was trying to reduce my Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) and remembered the Damian Fate-designed doggie. The hat looked good on her and the belt fit reasonably well and the ARC was down to 900. That is way low which means I wouldn't contribute much to lag at all. After modifying the Ranger belt so it fit better and had bits that I liked,  my ARC was even lower. I'm now at 830! By the way, I swapped in green eyes from another critter avie so I look extra kyoot.

I might not be able to photograph all the Rangers, but I'll do my best to post as many pix of them here as well as focus on the Greeters and other staff members of Burn2. The coming days will see lots of posts about the exhibits and exhibitors, but I hope to help you learn more about the people of Burn2.

Come meet us October 1st at Noon SLT!

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