Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Calm in a Storm

Real Life has been rather busy, activity at Burn2 has been picking up, and I've been rushing to finish this year's Haunted House, all while trying to find some time to blog. So today I took a few moments when Second Life wouldn't let me log in my usual avie to spend some time with one of my pixy alts in a favorite spot at Forest Floor (SLurl) and share the view.

So many wonderful places are disappearing from Our World lately (Hamlet Au writing about yet another just today) that I really want to treasure the ones special to me. Some of the few landmarks I keep are for landscapes that celebrate nature and mystical settings and wonderful, lush forests. The people that create these spaces are truly artists, at least as much as those that use their skills for works you'd be more likely to run across in a museum. Do you have a favorite natural environment you like to explore? Feel free to share an SLurl in the Comments.

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