Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Kabu Bridge by Molly Linden

Some time ago I applied to be a Linden Mole from the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW), the anonymous builders and landscapers that provide much of the Second Life infrastructure, from roads to whole cities. It wasn't until after I saw their builds that I figured out why I was turned down ... I'm not nearly good enough. The Kabu Bridge is the work of one of the best Moles ever, but she used her "real" name on her builds: Molly Linden.

Looking from Kabu to Mikaku, two beautiful Linden Homes regions.
Verdigris Windlight sky and Glassy water pre-set with a water color tweak.

Burn Windlight sky and  Glassy water pre-set, both tweaked a bit.
About 550 prims, this work of art will likely never be used as folks prefer to fly or teleport from place to place. I love to walk along it, though, and take in the views from every angle. Residents who don't live in the Linden Homes may never see it at all, actually, but with these two photos (I couldn't decide which I liked better), I hope that more people will come to appreciate the LDPW and what they do for us. And if some current Linden wants the kudos of the community, they'd earn it by bringing Molly back to us. I'm very glad for the times I've talked to her, especially on her last day with The Lab, to thank her for bringing some beauty to Our World.


Indigo Mertel said...

Beautiful bridge. I never saw it, thank you so much for sharing this gem.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I took an above-and-below photo of it the other day while hanging out in all the Linden Home regions (because of the new sandboxes).


And I totally agree with you about the LDPW under-appreciation. I see many totally ignored installations regularly because I'm a "surface" grid traveller -- i.e., car, rail, boat. People miss a lot only teleporting!

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Caliburnsusanto! Your pic is awesome.