Monday, September 19, 2011

Why the Fuss about Mesh?

With all the emphasis across the Second Life portion of the blogosphere about the problems with clothes and avatars made from the new Mesh feature, I think people forget that more can be done with the feature. For example, 101 sculpty, Mesh, and standard prims take the place of 443 "regular" prims to make up this tableau of a dragon admiring a mystical girl at Mesh Mellows (SLurl). That is a considerable savings for builders on a prim allowance. Something this complex can actually fit on the typical 16m x 32m "starter" parcel that supports just 117 prims.

So where are the other builders and artists using Mesh? There seems to be very little at Burn2, the Burning Man festival in Second Life, so far. I don't see them on the blogs and very, very little shows up on the SL Marketplace despite detailed searches. Sure, Mesh is new, but the the volume and variety of clothes available tells me that folks have certainly had the time to create something.

No, I haven't used anything with Mesh in my builds yet. Partly because I can't make anything from scratch for now and partly because I still know a considerable number of folks not using a Mesh-capable viewer. The Mesh dolphin avatar I bought yesterday was acclaimed by several but not visible to just as many. Maybe other builders are waiting, like me, until there are more folks who can appreciate their work.


Ramesh Ramloll said...

I started integrating mesh in my products but had to revert back to sculpties because clients came back saying they will not use the latest clients that support mesh because they are 1. buggy, 2. Slow. This could explain slow adoption.

Ferd Frederix said...

I've been a builder for years, have really decent hardware, and spent weeks making a really nice mesh statue of Michaelangelos' David.

Unfortunately, when I click it to edit it, I get a hard crash to desktop.

Mmethinks mesh is too buggy, and too many cannot see it. Give it some time. It will eventually change everything.

Uccello Poultry said...

I'm meeting more folks who are moving to a mesh-enabled viewer so they can use some of the interesting, new avatars. Zooby's new kitty avie is amazing.