Friday, September 30, 2011

Burn2: The Storm Approacheth

Honour McMillan and Me
The day before Burn2 opens to the public seems like a quiet day, but as I sit next to my friend Honour, there is a tension as folks scramble to get everything ready. Unsurprisingly, not all the builds are done so campers are here. The Rangers are checking every little detail. The Greeters are rehearsing (which involves throwing around fireballs and generally being insane). The Lamplighters had a little parade last night -- more fireballs but with drums this time. Plus, lots and lots of folks are stocking ready-to-heat-and-eat foods in Real Life so they can have meals on the go. It sounds like they are laying in for a siege, but if I understand right, Burning Man is really like that, too, for the staff -- lots of staying awake, fast meals, and few showers.

And blog coverage has already started. Honour's post about the temple is wonderful (Web). The ubiquitous Daniel Voyager has had a few posts lately (Web). Kara Trapdoor has a great post (Web) from yesterday while Quan Lavender's post from today (Web) features lots of pictures from the some of the featured artists.

Today's big event? Rangers from Real Life's Burning Man grab some SL accounts and come visit our playa. That should be interesting. After today if you don't see many posts from me, that just means I'm very busy at Burn2 and you should come visit (SLurl).

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