Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who Said Bots Are Dead?

While checking out the Decorus Premium Sandbox (SLurl), I noticed clusters of avatars in the waters just off the continent so I zipped over to the nearest one in Nekko and found seven bots, most clearly in their Noob avies. A couple were older but still in freebie skins and clothes. As you can see from the pic, they are all in the same group, but in their profiles they don't share a group. All signs of a bot.

Bots at
The near by sea regions of Chikara, Tomodachi, Senpuuki, Satoimo, and Satsumaimo were also bot sanctuaries, all the avies sporting the same Friend tag as those in Nekko. Some have similar Picks and Groups, but no real pattern there.


Emerald Wynn said...

What do they do down there? Just populate the place? I'm not that bot-savvy.

LOL - one is named Randall Flagg from "The Stand." :)

Uccello Poultry said...

@Emerald Mostly they stand around. Bots are often used to "game" various statistics like group size or anything that is affected by population. In the old days it was land traffic.