Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clueless Again

Real Life is ...

Well, it is being creative (close HTML Sarcasm tag) thus my in-world time has been minimal. But I helped winterize the Isle of Lesbos (putting up Christmas decorations, mostly), completed a major build, and then starting/finishing a minor build. No idea what it is. You tell me.

It is not a spaceship, though the thingy in the middle made me keep thinking of the bridge of the Enterprise.

My intent was to build an underwater habitat. Last year I made a start on a fairly realistic tube design with a moon pool and everything as if working divers would use it. But I got bored and wanted something more along the lines of this picture to the left (click for a larger view) but without the glass roof. So I started with a torus and my love of symmetry took over. I started with support beam concepts, trying a half dozen before setting on the first one I tried. Then I eyed the torus hole in the middle and I thought "Aha! A platform of sorts!" without extending the thought to "Why a platform?" and I was off. After that a new idea for making stairs grabbed me ...

The Platorm, AKA "Uccie's Vexation" is done.
And now it is done. I think. The numbers are right. The maths are correct. The symmetry "on paper" is unquestioned. So why is the one side off by what would be a centimeter or two in the Real World? Don't look too closely at some of the seams on what is my right side in this picture above. Sure. I'm one of the few people that looks that closely at seams. After all, I'm the one who textures unseen prim faces. I'm that picky.

But after throwing in some steampunk-y textures/colors, I still have no idea what this is supposed to be. It could be an undersea habitat (with no means of getting in since it has no Moon Pool nor a submersible dock). It is maybe large enough for a club of sorts, with a space for a DJ or small band in the middle (or a stripper pole and lounge seats). I dunno. But even as I write this I've had like three or four new ideas. Who knows what I'm going to be doing next week.

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