Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This has kept me from blogging

THE AIRSTRIP, a new club (of sorts) I've been working on instead of blogging.
Aside from Real Life monopolizing my time, I've been working on a new build (shhh ... mostly secret!) and having a blast, especially now that I've finished the custom, blinky neon sign.. When it's done, there will be an air strip for WarBug mini-planes, kyoot little flyers that you can rez on demand then blast friends out of the sky ... or hope they don't do the same to you. Federal Aeronautic Administration regulations state that for every X-number of hours you spend in the air, you must spend Y-number of hours at rest. So where to weary pilots go? Strip clubs! Every airport I've seen has at least one near by so I thought, "Why not?" and made one. Still a few bits to go, then link everything up, deliver it to the client, and take flight when it is installed. Or dance on the pole some more *grin*

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