Sunday, December 11, 2011

Privacy Concern?

Just a few minutes ago I popped into Welcome Island Public3 (SLurl) where I was looking to see what changes might have been made based on the most current viewer. Soon, I have to start work on a Welcome Area for someone and I figure I might as well borrow from The Source. Upon exit, though, Main Chat showed that I might have had my privacy violated ...

[16:32] Teleport completed from Welcome Island Public3 (43,140,24)
[16:32] To teleport to locations like 'F R O S T', click on the Places button, then select the Landmarks tab in the window that opens. Click on any landmark to select it, then click 'Teleport' at the bottom of the window. (You can also double-click on the landmark, or right-click it and choose 'Teleport'.)
[16:32] To contact Residents like 'CC Columbo', click on the People button , select a Resident from the window that opens, then click 'IM' at the bottom of the window. (You can also double-click on their name in the list, or right-click and choose 'IM').

Some God-endowed script looked into my Landmarks list and grabbed a random site (Frost, which I featured on this blog last April) to recommend that I visit and then peeked into my Friends list and picked out a name (my brother, in this instance) of someone for me to contact. Which leads to a couple questions:

1. If I was a new resident, what picks would the script have made?
2. Isn't this a sort of privacy violation? Who I know and where I go shouldn't be open to the perusal of others.

If The Lab can do this, I'm guessing that someone else might be able to create a script that can do the same thing. Does anyone know what sort of security The Lab has on a Resident's stored information?

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SpaceCase said...

I just tried this and had the same results too. Creepy...