Monday, December 26, 2011

What's In My Closet: Latex for Christmas

Normally one thinks of wool, fur, and natural fibers during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. For my wife, Angela, she thinks of latex, it seems. She bought two outfits from Graves (SLurl) for me and a promise of more when we can go together. This the the G204 Enigma Cat Suit with Alpha Boots and its my have of the two. Here are the other particulars of the outfit for those who care:

Hair: Magika PCF Red Aina (SLurl) special Hug Japan edition
Weapon (on my back, not in view): Sexadoll ingram M-11 back holster from LPP (SLurl)
Jewelry: The G204 collar modified with Open Collar Scripts; custom-made wedding ring; PrimOptic Finesse glasses (SLurl)
Location: Little Mos Eisley (SLurl)

She also bought for me the Graves G203 Enigma Body Suit. Each has variations that either leave some skin exposed or cover it with a semi-transparent latex/mesh mix (as shown above).

I hope you got some fine things for  Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) like I did, but I also hope you that you stayed safe and were able to enjoy good company.

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