Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now Tell Me That Mesh SUCKS

"Mesh Sucks!"

Seems to be that's all I hear. I think it is because too many people are invested in hating the Official Viewer, for one, so they stick with non-compatible viewers. But I also think it is because too many people focus on clothing. Sure, clothes and avatars made with the mesh feature have some limitations, but other things can be made with mesh ... something too many people forget. Check out this statue:

Large lawn ornament, small statue w/2 cute Animations, or teeny tabletop-size: L$280 each. 
To think that statue is but four prims worth (it acts like one prim, but all mesh objects have a "weight" that is the workload their resolution requires and can be equated to a number of prims). Even in scultpies I bet it would be at least double that value and it wouldn't rez nearly as quickly.

Hatzfeld Runo, of Tiki Lounge & Tiki Tattoo, has an entire branch of his store devoted to mesh creations if you'd like to see what a real artist can do with  Second Life's latest feature. Maybe like this drinks giver ...

Two Prims! It's only Two Prims!! OMGsh that's fabulous. L$280 and it offers a choice of two different drinks on touch.

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