Sunday, April 12, 2009

Complicated Relationships: Meet Shilo

According to my Plurk Profile (Web), my relationship status is Complicated. In so-called Real Life (RL), I am single and not even dating. In Second Life® I am married to another woman and I am her submissive Pet (no S&M and very little bondage, if you must know). If that wasn't complicated enough, my mistress/wife accepted the submission of another woman to be her Pet, so I have a Sister: Shilo Darkfold. As you can see in the pic, she is a Furry (Web).

None of this is legal for me in RL. In fact, I'm not even sure it is possible. But it feels so right. I dearly love my wife, eagerly submitting to her needs and desires yet remaining an equal partner. And my love for my syster (as we spell it) is without question as she is a great companion in all respects. But as you can tell, it is complicated.

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