Monday, April 13, 2009

My New Look

Second Life® (SL) is, almost by definition, a world of possibilities. Certainly, Real Life™ (RL) has 'makeovers' but nothing that can match the depth or scale of what is possible in SL. So now I am a 'big' kitty. This is way more than the faux kitty ears and tail that I often wear in RL. I have paws and a muzzle and a couple other fantasy assets as part of my avatar makeover. We all have an inner Furry and now mine is on the outside.

Just kidding. This is me, but I have not changed my usual avatar. I'm very comfortable with my usual appearance which is intentionally very, very much like my RL countenance. But I love being able to play in other avies. Just as I like to wear neko bits in Real Life (I wasn't kidding about that), I like being a kitty or a cabbit, or dragon, or a whatever the mood suits. Imagine what RL would be like if we could all change our appearance as easily as we do in SL. Having a bad hair day? Dig into that inventory and find something new! Not getting the attention you want? Put on an enormous body part! Feeling adorable? Be a Furry!

All in all, I'd rather be able to fly RL like I can in SL, but being able to do something more than change my clothes or comb my hair differently would be my next "wanna be like in SL." I doubt I'd go to the grocery store looking like this avie (and would more than certainly avoid my therapist in such a state), but it would be nice to tromp around the near by forest as a dinosaur or cruise the coastal thermals as a seagull. It would be a blessing to match the outer me to how the inner me is feeling.

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