Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun with the Release Candidate

The Second Life® Release Candidate v1.23 is a rather unique (release notes here). It has some nice features and some amusing bugs. The pic at right is an example of the latter. The layers that make up "skins" for avatars have been shifted so that Alpha layers are on top, making parts of the body disappear. In most cases I've heard about the problem is mostly limited to lips and eyebrows. In my case, my whole body disappeared.

Some things that I like in the RC:

Changed: Hovering over a dot on the minimap should show the name of that person

Added: VWR-8179[c]: New Feature - Right Click > 'Report Abuse' from Pie Menu on the Avatar

Fixed: VWR-2850[c]: Stop All Animations works only on local machine

Fixed: "Highlight Transparent" not showing alpha masked or invisible avatars

1 comment:

Litzi Xue said...

Holy wows. Invisi-Uccie. Definitely not changing my viewer....