Thursday, April 16, 2009

Egg Update (?)

Apparently my egg for the Linden BunnyJam (Web) hunt has been found. Go to the Linden Chalet (SLurl) and claim the egg pictured here. Inside is a basket with this same egg on top and what appears to be every egg submitted for the decoration contest, including multiples from one person and rather dull ones named for various Lindens. Or many, at least, including mine.

The question is, I guess, What does this mean? No winners have been announced and I haven't heard if my egg was "findable" like this brown one was. The winners have to be announced by tomorrow or the next day and I think I have a shot (albeit a small one) at the Top Three and the L$5000 spending spree on XStreet SL (Web).

See previous Post here for a pic of my egg.

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