Monday, April 6, 2009

When is a Mall not a Mall?

Sad to say, I guess, but I've been too busy to try my hand at the grid-wide Bunny Hop Hunt that my store is a part of, but the blog (Web) showed a fabulous garden swing from Thistle (SLurl) and I just had to have it. However, I'm taking a few moments to snuggle with my sweetie after installing it at the Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl) and think about why I do these things.

I don't think that a mall (or a store, for that matter) should be just about shopping. It should be a place that enriches the experience of shopping. The builder can accomplish this minimally through an attractive design and nice landscaping or by going further with fun activities like games (all things at my main shop). Some go all out and "Disneyfy" the experience with wild architecture and decoration.

That is why I installed the swing from Thistle at the Lesbos Mall. Since the mall's inception I've been working in simple landscape additions that make the mall something of a destination, not just a place to shop. Sometimes I can sneak the fun into the mall. For example, we have a photo booth just like you can find in many malls or game arcades. There is a cafe on the roof and a gazebo tucked away in a hidden corner. And if you poke around ... well, you'll just have to come look.

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