Saturday, April 4, 2009

Land Rentals for Women

The Isle of Lesbos is proud to present Whispering Big Pines, land rentals exclusively for women (SLurl).

In order to rent on the Whispering Big Pines region you must:

① Be female.
② Buy the land then pay the rental box for the amount of time you wish.
③ Read the sim Covenant (while standing on Whispering Big Pines, right-click on the ground and choose About Land... then click on the Covenant tab).
④ Do not delete the rental boxes.

To join the land group so you can build, for information, or if you have questions or a problem contact: Threshin Barnett, Uccello Poultry, or janeforyou Barbara

Rental Prices (always check the rental boxes for updates):
1024 square meters with 260 prims is 600L$ a week
1536 square meters with 350 prims is 900l$ a week
4096 square meters with 900 prims is 1,950L$ a week

Sale Prices (always check About Land ... for updates):
1024 square meters is 2,000L$
1536 square meters is 2,750L$
4096 square meters is 3,200L$

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