Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Skins

When I first met my wife, Angela, a couple years ago she said she'd make a really freckly skin for me. For various reasons that never happened and now my RL freckles are mostly gone, at least from the shoulders down, but I kept shopping for one in Second Life® (SL) and despite the high quality of Angela's work at Dream Images (SLurl). Just the other day I found some great skins at Curio (SLurl). The demos didn't wildly stretch my mouth like many skin tend to, there were some freckles, the shadows and highlights were good, the makeups weren't too severe, and I could get a both a tanned and less tanned skin with the same basic hues. So I dropped a few thousand Linden$ and got the most basic skins (I'm still a butch at heart, if not in SL) and trotted out in my Bare Rose Microkini (Web) to take pix.

Despite the tremendous lag I almost always have there, Las Arenas Rosadas (SLurl) is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in all SL, so it was my first thought when I wanted pix of my new skins. Yes, I tossed on a face light as I had set the Advanced Sky settings to Barcelona and needed the boost. Actually, I tried a number of settings and several hair styles. But this was the best. I might tweak it in post. If I do, I'll post it here, though all the pix will be on my Flickr page eventually.

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