Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free Publicity for SL8B Exhibitors!

I'm still collecting Landmarks for the amazing builds that I'm finding under construction at the Second Life 8th Birthday sims and with the public opening on the 20th, I may start pre-writing so I can get as many as possible in before everything closes July 2nd. If you are an Exhibitor or a helper to one or you just saw a great one in progress and you want the build featured on this blog and maybe the official SL8B blog, drop me a note card with landmark in world or leave a comment here with the SLurl. I have over a dozen spots I'd like to feature now and I'm interested in hearing what you'd recommend.


Anonymous said...

Pallina60 Loon created an awesome art installation which makes use of Second Life shadows:
Teleport to SL8B Stunning

For those who can't see shadows in action in Second Life, here's a very beautiful video she made, which also serves as narrative basis for the art installation:
"Magic soul of prims" (Video)

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks! It is fabulous!
/me landmarks it quickly and plans to return.