Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SL8B Apologies

Un-named parcel by Dixit Writer @SL8B
I'm sorry. There is just so much to see and do at Second Life's birthday expo this year that I just can't see and report on it all. Scan through my previous posts and you'll see that I certainly took a stab at it. But with about 300 or so exhibits and the need for sleep ...

Well, you get the idea. Right now I'm wandering around playing Greeter, still. For most of my days at SL8B I was a Greeter at the Main Stage, home to some fabulous live performances. That's an aspect of Our World that I neglect, really. Sure, I regularly go to events with DJs, but there is something special about having someone mention you in their lyrics or mounting an epic stage show.

With the shows over I can again wander the regions and catch up on items that I had landmarked to blog about and missed or ones that I had flown by with a glance and a promise to spend more time enjoying. Still, I'm not going to see it all. Mores the pitty as so many people put in such hard work. Labors of love, really, celebrating their place in our community. Honour McMillan put it nicely in her blog today: "The important component of a community celebration such as this one is 'everybody'." It seemed like "everybody" was, indeed, here. I met tons of new people, added to my Friends list (something I seldom do), found folks who had muted me over the years suddenly needing my help, and even helped boot some griefers.

No event like this can be an unqualified success, but as a volunteer-only endeavor, I think it went off rather well. Not everyone kept their cool. Mistakes were made. Protests launched. Walkouts happened. A true cross-section of Our World if I have ever seen one. Importantly, though, lessons were learned. Second Life's Ninth Birthday next year will be even better and I promise right now to jump in there and do my part. I hope to see you all there. Until then, I'm going to wander the exhibits up until closing on July 2nd. If you see me, ask for the Greeter Gifts that I have.

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