Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SL8B: Clever Fun Beauty

Before beginning work Monday at Second Life 8th Birthday's Main Stage (SLurl and Web) where I got to see some wonderful live music, I explored more of the various exhibits. I'm still so impressed with our world's clever builders, bringing fun and beauty to our world.

Honor McMillan has cleverly used the "shared media" of Viewer 2 technology in her "Our Portrait of Second Life" exhibit to show life in our world and the people in it. Sit in a comfy tree and click any frame to start the show!

One of the most beautiful builds in all Second Life, "Farstar New Earth" (SLurl), has made it to the party in the form of Clausida222 Jewell's "SL8B Honey Swamp." Incredibly detailed textures and a riot of motion transport you to an other-worldly place. This one exhibit you can find yourself lost in for some time.

"Remember Your Magic" by the Virtual Railway Consortium is a surprising bit of fun! Sit on the toy choo-choo outside and suddenly you are aboard a ... well, I won't spoil it for you. This is magic, just what the birthday celebration is all about.

More magic comes from the mind of Kirstens Viewer, a popular way to access Second Life (read more here). Us non-programmers finally get to see what happens inside the viewer to bring us our world. Just don't step in the memory leak!

Yes, yes, yes, I meant to to put this in my Must See post from yesterday ... hey, I'm dopey sometimes. But you must see the dolphins at "Tropical Creations Interactive Dolphin Trick Show." You can ride them, make them do tricks, and even feed them! Whenever I needed a break building or exploring, I'd come here to rewind and often folks would join me when I announced in builder chat what I was doing. Bring you swim suit and a box lunch, you'll be here a while.

More beauty besides the wonderful exhibits can be found in the celebration's infrastructure. Linden Lab's "moles" and other staff have created some fabulous structures all over, like this great park land for the "Park Stage" complex (Web). You can see my pixy alt was instantly attracted.

I'll admit it ... my favorite neighbor at SL8B is the "Raglan Shire Circus" on the parcel adjacent to my build (Lesbos@SL8B; SLurl). Its not just for Tinies, either. Biggies can have fun on the Mustache Ride Carousel and play like our little friends! Look for the fun gifts in the red & white striped tent.

The Empyreal Dreams group presents "The Owl and the Pussy Cat," a fantastically rendered telling of a classic tale. As you can see, the sumptuous colors grab your attention right away, but look closer and you'll find light playing, animated prims, and more. This exhibit is a real joy to visit.

The Transgender Lounge always has a creative build and this year is no exception. The use of color and form is stunning in a visual theme that beautifully represents the group's identity. And "lounge" they do ... lots of room to sit, relax, and get to know people. To the left of this picture is the sculpture at Solkide Auer's "A Walk in A Dream," also well worth a visit for it's beauty and then some.  And way in the background there is St Stephen's Tower, home to the famous Big Ben. Teleporters at that exhibit whisk you to special rooms with spectacular views of SL8B.

There are many shows in SL8B, but nothing like "The Automaton Circus," an adorable 7-minute show that launches every hour. Someone put a ton of time into the build, texture, and animation of this exhibit and deserves every bit of attention they can get. Bring friends! Take a "date" to the show!

Big, artsy builds are everywhere, like this tribute to 8-bit digital life and be bumpy ball behind it. I have to go back because I have to admit I was way to tired to investigate more, but I learned from a friend later in the day that the pink tower has some nice gifts if you look close enough. Can you guess why this is in a region called "Dazzle" ... huh?

Whew! That's a lot of places and there is still more to see. Even with all the time I spent exploring before the party opened to the public I still haven't seen everything. With any luck I can sneak away from my "work" and run amok like a tourist soon.

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