Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's in my Closet: Adorable Cow Avie

Technically, this isn't the adorable cow avie I have in my closet, though I do have a couple almost as cute as this one. While working on portraits for Lesbos@SL8B my friend Xandah showed up in an adorable cow avatar from Derp and since I love the critters I had to investigate. For just L$900 you get both male and female bits in your choice of colors (Holstein brown pictured here) and the ladies have a choice for udders or not at time of purchase. I didn't visit Derp's main store in Jia (SLurl), but I was able to find a vendor at Rocket City (SLurl), my first stop whenever I look into furry avies.

She's a beautiful avie over all with not-quite-hooves for hands and a nicely proportioned starter shape. The sculpted bits rez fast and stay rezzed even at a distance. All the textures are sufficiently crisp with no flaws that I could find. The avatar's skin is purely PG, but I imagine that third-party nipples-n-bits would work fine if you need them.
Touch the included hair to switch between four different colors, but a HUD is required to change the eye color. Imagine your eye as three rings, inner, middle, then outer (shadow) around the pupil and you get an idea of how the HUD works. Each ring can be custom colored and each eye can be set independently. An "Infinity" button makes some smart choices if you don't want to do a lot of work. A separate HUD controls eye blink, eyelids, the mouth and the tongue, as well as various positions for the tail. The ear wiggle can't easily be turned off, but the script can be removed from the mod/copy part. If you are wondering, that spot on her forehead is a Bindi since Xandah is, apparently, a sacred cow.

The feet still use invisiprims, but I see they are mod/copy so I'd be tempted to remove them and use the Invisible Feet mask that The Lab has given us in the basic Inventory folder.

My only disappointment is the same one that bothers me with any furry avie, or any avie that isn't a slender, Amazon-tall human: Most animations look terrible. Xanadah's forehooves often disappeared into her chest or her hips and her hindhooves often became one when her feet moved close together. I suppose thats the price one pays to have such beauty, however.

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